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  1. Aloha. We recently purchased a 2019 Z06 corvette.

    Could you mail us the CCOH Application? We don’t own a printer. Please respond to our email so we can send you our address.

    Also trying to find a cover for same. Chevy does not mail to Da Islands. Only if ordered through dealer. Any suggestions or if you know who may sell them here is appreciated.


  2. Aloha,
    My husband and I live on The Big Island where we currently don’t have a club. We have been advised to join your club as a branch if possible. Our names are Bridgette and Michael Sterling.

    1. Aloha, Bridgette & Michael.
      Yes several Big Island Corvette Owners came together and wanted to start a Club.

      The Corvette Club of Hawaii was established in 1973 for Corvette owners who love the great American sports car. The club currently has over 125 members with Associate members from all over the world. Come out and join the fun and camaraderie with people who share many of your own interests.

      We support our Big Island Chapter and look forward to hosting events together.

      If you are looking for Club shirts, coffee mugs, hat, etc please go to http://www.zazzle.com and do a search for “CCOH”.

      Please download an application and let’s get you guys plugged into the fun.


  3. aloha hawaii vette owners! would like to get to know whats going on. lmk when the next run is. it would be great to talk story and have some fun.dave.

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