Web site status

We have good news:  Stephen was able to get our domain name back.  We are in the process of transferring it so that we have control.  In a couple of days we will be able to type in www.covetteclubofhawaii.com, again.

We would like to thank Eugene Villaluz and Stephen Shewell for all of their help for getting us back on line.  Stephen has been working diligently trying to get our domain name back.  Last week  it was sold by the Chinese Company to a company down in Costa Rica.  Stephen has had multiple contacts with them but they are firm at $199.  The question is “Do we trust them?”

Earlier this week Stephen was contacted and they offered the domain name back to us for $100.  We didn’t hesitate to grab it.  This morning Stephen and Eugene transferred the name back so that we can start using it again.  Will let everyone know when the transfer becomes active again.

Moral of the story:  Don’t let you domain name lapse.

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